What is the Blasphemy Engine?

I like to think of the Blasphemy Engine as a combined social experiment and a self-help tool.

You may have heard of SETI ((Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence), and the SETI@home program, which puts your computer to work analyzing radio telescope data for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence.  Right now, computers all over the world are mining through data collected by SETI, search for signs of intelligent life beyond the earth.

The Blasphemy Engine works in a similar manner, but by broadcasting, rather than listening.  I call it POPI (Plea for OmniPotent Intervention).  A creator knows this is really a plea for a response.  I think we're ready to face the truth, whether we get a reply or not.  Such an experiment can be tried, then set aside while we learn to live with either outcome; either a creator exists, or a creator does not exist.  There is no middle ground.  god's followers have not left us that option.

First off, I will never admit to having actually destroyed a holy book.  After all, such activity can lead to violence, and reprimand, and at the very worst, actually killed!  Not to mention, by destroying a holy book in the United States, I can get people killed around the world!

In my own testing of this process, I'll only admit to having tried this with an electronic copy of a book of science, not an actual holy book.

That's the beauty of blasphemy, though.  It's the ONE THING you can do to insult a deity in the privacy of your own home or office.  No one ever needs to know that you've done it, except the deity you've offended.  It's the perfect crime, although technically, without an actual victim, it's impossible to prove or prosecute.

Here's how to piss of a deity (if said deity actually exists):

1.        Create a folder on your desktop named "Blasphemy"

2.        Find an electronic copy of a holy book.  Download and save it into the Blasphemy folder on your computer's desktop.  Rename it to "Holy_Book.zip"

3.        Open Notepad, then copy and paste these lines into a batch file:


copy Holy_Book.zip Copy_Of_Holy_Book.zip

del Copy_Of_Holy_Book.zip

@echo deleted >> counter.txt

goto again

4.        Save the notepad file as "desecrate.bat" into the Blasphemy folder on your desktop.

5.        Open the Blasphemy folder, then double-click the "desecrate.bat" file.  You should see a new window like this:

This will copy and delete your Holy Book repeatedly until you close the window.  On my computer, I average the creation and destruction of a holy book at a rate of about 20,000 books per minute.

That's a LOT of desecration.